Top 9 Industrial Safety Logo Designs – What Are They Trying To Say? – Industry Business

We see signs everywhere we go. Some signs give us information and some warn us against potential danger. For the industrial business, signs play a very important role in protecting lives of employees.Let’s have a look at some of the industrial safety logo designs that are commonly observed in industries and see what they mean:1. General Danger:
The sign for general danger consists of an exclamation mark on a yellow background. This symbol is encased in a triangular shape.2. Industrial Vehicles:
This sign consists of black colored image on a yellow colored background. There is an illustration of a forklift that warns against industrial vehicles in the area.3. Flammable Gases:
This sign is observed near products that are highly flammable by nature when they come within close contact with fire or heat. The symbol is a diamond shaped design with an illustration of fire within it. The bright red color serves as a warning to the potential danger.4. Non-flammable or Non-toxic Gases:
This is another sign that is popularly seen in industrial areas. It is a green colored symbol that consists of an illustration of a fire stick. The sign is used to say that the gases in the zone are non-poisonous and non-flammable.5. Toxic Gases:
This is one of the most common signs that are seen. It is used for toxic or poisonous gases. It consists of an illustration of a skull with bones.6. Infectious Substances:
This is one of the most artistic and frightening symbols. It consists of three rings that are broken down to form a triangle with a small circle in the center. This symbol is usually crafted with red or white background that makes it attractive and eye catching.7. Corrosive Substances:
This sign consists of an illustration of a pair of hands with two tube-like images that are accompanied by an image that seem to be emitting flames. Although this symbol is created with black and white colors, it is still eye catching from a distance.8. Radioactive Substances:
This sign is usually yellow in colors and consists of an illustration of a fan-like image. It cautions against radiation in the area that can result in long term health problems.9. Explosives:
To warn against explosives, the sign that is generally observed consists of an orange colored diamond shape with an image of an explosion. This fire and safety logo is seen near materials that have fast chemical reaction.These symbols are usually observed in areas that are highly prone to danger. The state laws are particularly strict regarding the placement of these signs in dangerous areas. An industry that cares for the safety of its employees should conduct training sessions for their employees for understanding and interpretation of these signs.